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Mathematics Vision Statement           Liss Mathematician  National Curriculum

We use a variety of teaching and learning activities to develop children's knowledge, skills and understanding. We have daily mathematics lessons comprising whole class and group teaching. During these lessons we encourage the children to ask and answer mathematical questions and explain their reasoning. The children are provided with a range of real life experiences and purposes for learning both within mathematics lessons and in other curriculum areas.

As children progress from Key Stage 1 into Key Stage 2, they are encouraged to develop secure mental strategies before becoming more proficient in using written methods.

The children's learning is supported through the use of a wide range of resources, models and images. 

Times tables are a vital aspect of children's mathematical fluency and all pupils are now required to take a multiplication tables check at the end of Year 4. We use Times Tables Rock Stars to support the children with learning times tables facts.

  Videos of Maths Strategies

Introduction and Cherry Diagram

Number Bonds

Number Bonds Tens Frames

Number Line Addition

Number Line Subtraction

Number Line Multiplication

Bar Model 1

Bar Model 2

Box Method for Multiplication